Life at Spiderfocus:

As a people-oriented organization we have a host of employee centric initiatives. These include individual career tracks supplemented by unique career planning initiatives, a dynamic learning matrix and a performance excellence program.

Learning and Training : As an organization focused on learning, we nurture talent through our multi-dimensional training approach which includes structured learning and a unique mentorship program.

Growth Prospects : We have a open door policy where employees are encouraged to connect with their immediate as well as skip level reporting managers to discuss career and growth prospects. As part of performance management initiatives requirements on training needs and career enhancement are captured and programs designed to meet these objectives are implemented.

Life-Work Balance : Balancing career demands and personal life is a tough act. We understand and our work culture proactively responds to the needs of our employees to maintain this critical balance through initiatives like our unique leave and overseas transfer policies.

Fun at Work : We have well planned ‘off-site’ initiatives and fun activities to help our people recoup their creative energies. Our social initiatives not only help create a community experience but also help touch the lives of many people.

Cultural Diversity : We are a tiny microcosm of different cultures and a global organization in the true sense of the word. Defiance is truly a celebration of the diversity that is present in our universe.

Equal Opportunities : We strive to promote a work culture that is free of any discrimination and maintain a work environment that protects the dignity of every individual employee.

Job Opportunities