Spiderfocus believe that having strong Corporate Social Responsibility credentials will help us attract and retain the best people to our company. We aim to be a leader among the international recruitment and consulting firms in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

We are committed to being a responsible business because it matters to us and the people who are important to us – particularly the people who work here. We also believe that improving our understanding and delivery of our social and environmental responsibilities is important to sustaining our success as a leading international firm, and in improving our understanding of the local and international markets and communities we work in. 

We define our social responsibility into four key areas

Marketplace .

Spiderfocus is committed to the highest standards of ethical business practice towards our candidates, clients, and suppliers

Work Place.

We recognise the value and importance of our employees and managing talent within our business is a priority. Our employment policies not only comply with all relevant legislation, but seek to exceed standard requirements in order to ensure that the working environment across the business embraces diversity and offers fairness and equality of opportunity in every respect. 

The key employment policies within our organisation include :

We reinforce our strong people culture through a wide range of programs and benefits that have helped us earn recognition as one of the nation’s best places to work.


Spiderfocus actively seeks ways to minimise our environmental impact within the communities where we have facilities. We implement programmes that reduce waste, conserve resources and prevent pollution.

Reducing Energy consumption.

Low energy lighting, regular boiler efficiency audits, maximum water temperatures and movement sensor controlled lighting and others 

Water .

Society often overlooks that water is a scarce resource, but we actively strive and encourage our team-members to conserve water usage throughout our business 

Waste Management .

Waste streams are segregated at all offices and paper, glass and cardboard is recycled. We continue to work with suppliers to reduce excess packaging and increase the use of recycled cardboard 

Responsible purchasing .

We ensure that all our suppliers are aware of our environmental goals and have their own environmental policies in place. Wherever practical, we purchase products made from renewable and ethically sound sources. Spiderfocus recognises that people are keys to environmental success and all employees are encouraged to be environmentally responsible through regular training, instruction and awareness raising activities, our environmental policy is also available on our internal intranet site.

Community .

Spiderfocus works with our stakeholders, clients and customers to understand community priorities and identify how we can play a role in addressing these. 

Our commitment to the community includes :