Referral Bonus Plan

Spiderfocus invites you to participate in our referral program. We understand that high-quality personalities like you know other talented people who would want to support our business By way of recognition and to thank you, we offer referral bonuses for in the following areas.

Candidate Referral Bonus Plan

If you know someone who would be a good fit for positions advertised by Spiderfocus, please share the job description with them. If they are interested, complete the Candidate referral online form. Be sure to include the Job Code in the comments box, and also attach the resume. You may also send in your referral’s resume along with the candidate referral information to

How much is the bonus?

The Bonus will depend on several factors and will ultimately be determined by Spiderfocus Management. The successful candidate must be employed by Spiderfocus/our Client for a period of 90 workdays in order for you (the referrer) to be eligible for the bonus. If your referral is not hired within 6 months, the referral is no longer eligible for a bonus.


Business/Client Referral Bonus Plan

In addition to our candidate referral program, we offer our Business Referral Program. This program encourages eligible individuals to submit business opportunities with existing and/or new clients to Spiderfocus. If you know that your department, or another department within the company, is looking to add another position, or that there is a need for additional consultants, you can send us the information. If that opportunity becomes an open assignment, and a consultant is successfully placed, you are eligible for a bonus.

How much is the bonus?