A "temp" is a temporary worker with an organization who is on a third-party (staffing company) payroll. Temporary staffing can meet the short-term needs of your organization or when you want to outsource all your non-core functions to the temporary staff. These functions could range from IT Professionals, office administration, accounts, sales and marketing to back office support, so that your employees can concentrate on the core functions.

Spiderfocus Temporary Staffing can work for you :

Spiderfocus is enabling you to fill short-term needs for qualified employees. Companies rely on a temporary staffing agency’s contract staffing services to support upcoming projects, meet seasonal requirements and reduce their workforce during slow periods. Hiring individuals on a contract basis allows your company to maintain proper staff levels and retain the talent available today, while reducing employee-related costs.

Temporary Staffing works as below :

Here are many advantages to using our services for your temporary HR staffing requirements :

Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing comes in handy when you wish to enter into a “co-employment” relationship with a labour contractor like us. We would then supply staff for a specific function and time period at specified hourly rates.

From our side, we maintain your organization’s proprietary information, invest heavily on training and find the people with the right skill from our exhaustive database, to make Contract Staffing a viable option for you.

Why Contract Staffing can work for you :