Engaged Executive Search is a specialized form of management consulting by executive search consultants (also known as executive recruiters, or executive “head-hunters”), provides a proactive and research-based recruiting service to organizations seeking the very best executive talent to lead their companies.

Choosing the right executive search firm can be a task by itself. We recognize this and encourage our prospective clients to look at our testimonials that highlight why we are different and why clients choose us as their executive search solutions provider in India.

Executive Search is mostly used for hiring senior and difficult to find skills. Typically used for senior level executive positions those are extremely urgent & critical. When you need to hire key leadership positions, our dedicated search consultants with extremely focused approach are able to recruit the most talented executives from the best fit recruiting target. 

Spiderfocus is an independent retained executive search firm with highly researched methodologies, core value systems and strong client relationships which has been built on personal service, trust and success. We provide our clients with aggressive timing, technical competence and commitment to communication, follow-through, and delivery of a quality service and thereby support our clients in all of their market searches. We believe in our ability to provide innovative, yet consistent executive recruitment solutions across diverse business cultures which make us the best executive search firm in India with whom to partner. Our retained executive search consulting services is appropriate when it is critical to hire not just any qualified person, but the most qualified and appropriate person to meet the challenges of the positions in question. 

We adopted the following graphical model in our work theme and hence we have closed many Executive level positions.