Statutory means "of or related to statutes," or what we normally call laws or regulations. Compliance just means to comply with or adhere to. So statutory compliance means you are following the laws on a given issue.

Complying with Central and State Acts and Regulations to keep your company safe from legal trouble has never been more demanding. And now, through Legal Research, it has become easier. Our Corporate Compliance Services are the effective solutions that can lower your compliance “risk profile”, reduce fines, reassign headcount, enable a better and higher use of limited law department resources, save measurable cost and improve effectiveness.

At Spiderfocus, we ensure happiness quotient of your employees through our range of HR Solutions that perfectly meet your requirements. With our Statutory and Compliance Outsourcing solutions, we will ensure that your organization is compliant with all employee-related statutory compliance requirements. Our range of services include :

We cater to all industries spread across all sizes - small, medium and large. To know how we can help your organization with our range of Statuary and Compliance Outsourcing Solutions.

With scores of labor law compliances required of Indian companies, organizations can spend a significant amount of time ensuring that they are compliant with all these provisions, with no guarantee of full compliance. These include but are not limited to the following regulations :